Legendary Israel and Jordan 14 Days - USA/Canada Departure

Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Petra, Amman

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  • Days: 14 Day(s)
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  • Highlights:

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    ☆ Pay a visit to the UNESCO site, Old Jerusalem, the holy land for the three major Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam

    ☆ Call at Bethlehem and step into the UNESCO site, Church of the Nativity to bow through the humble door
    ☆ Marvel at the UNESCO site, Bahai Gardens with the golden dome shinning over the Mediterranean Sea 
    ☆ Ascend the UNESCO site Masada, the symbol of Jewish cultural identity
    ☆ Wonder around the UNESCO listed abandoned town, the “Rose Red City”-Petra 
    ☆ Stroll at the UNESCO listed archeological site, “Pompeii of the Middle East”-Jerash
    ☆ Take a 4X4 drive to experience a Desert Safari trip to the UNESCO listed “Valley of Moon”-Wadi Rum
    ☆ Visit 9 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites  

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  • Better to Book Before: 150 Day(s)
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Day 1: Depart for Israel

On board international flight to Israel.

Day 2: Tel Aviv - Yafo

Upon arrival, meet and greet then transfer to hotel (transfer is not included if you booked the land only package).

Remarks before tour starts:

  1. 1. Conservative dress is recommended especially entering into the religious venues. No shorts or short skirts for ladies and bare shoulders are better to be covered. Men are encouraged to choose the long pants. At the King David’s Tomb, Temple Mount and Western Wall, guests are required to have heads covered by hat or scarf.
  2. 2. Most hotels and restaurants provide kosher foods with no pork or shellfish.
  3. 3. Shabbat starts on every Friday after sunset and ends on Saturday evening. Offices, public transportation (except for taxi), private businesses are closed (i.e., stores and restaurants) and reopen after the Shabbat.

Day 3: Tel Aviv - Caesarea - Nazareth - Cana - Haifa

Tel Aviv-Yafo is the second largest city in Israel and used to be the first capital after the country was founded in 1948. Old Jaffa section is one of the oldest cities in the world with 4000 years of history where early European pilgrims disembarked from their sea vessel and embarked on camel caravan here to continue their journey to Jerusalem. Walk through old alleyways paved by stone slabs from ancient time to absorb the ancient Greek, Turkish and Roman atmosphere. Afterwards, take the bus and drive by the UNESCO  listed White City, a unique area with over 4000 buildings in Bauhaus style. Keep driving to Caesarea, a thriving coastal town built by Herod the Great in memory of the first Roman emperor Caesar Augustus. In the 11th century AD, the Crusaders came and destroyed the City of Caesarea Maritima. The ruins now are protected in a national park where marble pillars, seaside theatre and mosaic flooring still reveal the city’s past splendor and glory. A brief visit to the Crusaders Castle before busing to Nazareth, the home town of Mary and the biggest Arab city in the country. Explore the Church of Annunciation standing over the caved home of Mary and learn how the archangel Gabriel told the 14-year-old Mary that she would be mother of the son of God. You are also scheduled to stop at Cana to see the Wedding Church where Jesus turned water into wine as his first miracle. Head to Haifa, the third largest city all over Israel and on the way, spend some time in the UNESCO  listed old town, Acre. Being one of the oldest cities in the world, Acre has a history of over 5000 years with a mixed flavor of different cultures. There is a huge underground city full of Crusader remains still buried underneath intact.


Check in the hotel in Haifa and rest up.

Day 4: Haifa - Sea of Galilee - Tiberias

Haifa is the major seaport of the country, also home to the iconic Bahai World Center, which is the UNESCO  site. Built on the slopes of Mount Carmel, the whole complex of so called Bahai Gardens is a 0.6mi/1km long, 738ft/225m high construction on 19 terraces. On the top stands the Shrine of Bab crowned with a shinning golden dome overlooking the vast Mediterranean Sea. At the bottom is the Protestant German Colony, all depicting the fact that tolerance and harmony are the cultural norm in the country. Continue our journey to the Sea of Galilee, rich in Biblical history and also the second home town of Jesus. Adjacent to the Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee is the lowest fresh water lake on earth. Jump aboard a cruise and enjoy the tranquil boat ride once we arrive at Galilee region. Back on land, enter the Yigal Allon Museum to immerse yourself in the story of a remarkably preserved wooden fishing boat from about 2000 years ago. Ascend to the top of Mountain of Beatitudes and step inside Church of the Beatitudes near Capernaum area where Jesus delivered his sermon and recruited his disciples. The day continues with a venture to Tabgha Church of Loaves and Fish and view the restored 5th-century mosaic floor pattern designed with five pieces of bread and two fish in the center which was the miraculous meal feeding 5000 followers by Jesus. Next to the Church of Multiplication is the Church of the Primacy of Saint Peter where Jesus reinstated Peter as the chief Apostle. The last highlight today is to pay a visit to Yardenit, a baptism site situated on the banks of the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and this spot has been frequented by Christian pilgrims ever since.


Overnight in Tiberias.

Day 5: Tiberias - Beit She’an - Bethlehem - Jerusalem

Begin your day with a scenic bus ride southward to the sought-after and magnificent Jerusalem. En route, make a call at Beit She’an, an archeological excavation site of an old Roman town situated at the junction of the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley where amphitheater, bath house, pillars, mosaic decoration and temple survived from an severe earthquake in 749 AD are still erecting in good shape. Discover the nearby unusual Zodiac-motif mosaics of Beit Alpha, a Byzantine synagogue in Polish style. A quick photo stop at the striking 1500-year-old St. George Monastery, still inhabited by monks and built into the side of a cliff.  Move forward to Bethlehem behind the Israeli Barrier, the birth place of Jesus and also a hustle and bustle Arabian town in the central West Bank, Palestine. Walk around at Manger Square and enter into the Church of the Nativity. This famed UNESCO  listed church is by far the oldest Christian church in the world built in 326 AD over the grotto believed to be the birthplace of Jesus with a Silver Star marking the exact spot where Christ was born. This Holy Land attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims to come over for praying, worshipping and commemorating.

Check in the hotel in Jerusalem and rest up.

If you are so eager to experience the charming Jerusalem in the evening with a different look and savor authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, come and join us for an optional night excursion.

 Optional Tour: Appreciate the Night Spectacular at Tower of David and try an Israel flavor dinner at U$99/person

Day 6: Jerusalem

Jerusalem, “a city closest to God”, is a 5000 year old holy city for the three major Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Old Town section is the UNESCO  Cultural Heritage Site.

Ten measures of beauty were bestowed upon the world; nine were taken by Jerusalem and one by the rest of the world

Depart for a journey to delve into this fascinating city by climbing up to the top of Mount of Olives, one of the two holy mountains. Standing at the observation platform will enable you to admire the postcard city skyline with Dome of the Rock and Aqsa Mosque. Snap a panoramic view of the whole city and learn the beauty of this ancient town before following the Palm Route and Swinging by Dominus Flevit, built in the shape of a tear drop since Jesus was moved to tears when seeing the stunning Second Temple from this location and knowing the temple would be destructed later. Inspect the multi-national symbols in the Church of All Nations, a Byzantine style structure sponsored by 12 countries. The rock in the middle of the church was where Jesus knelt down and prayed before he was arrested. There are eight 2000-year-old olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane right in front of the church who witnessed what had happened to Jesus. Proceed to the Temple Mount and of course the Western Wall, also called “Wailing Wall”, a piece of 164ft/50m long, 59ft/18m high wall that has inspired and enlightened the Jews around the globe for 2000 years. As one remaining section of the retaining wall outside of the Second Temple, this is where people make wishes and believe the good wills are going to be fulfilled. Head to Via Dolorosa and retrace the steps of Jesus on 14 stations of the Cross ending at Holy Sepulchre Church. Considered to be the most holy place by Christianity, this site was where Jesus spent his last hours and eventfully was buried. Pilgrims, believers and visitors have been coming from across the globe and lining up to pay respect to the Stone of Anointing and Edicule for 1700 years.

Wonder around at Jewish Quarter and Muslim Bazzar and see how people live together harmoniously and peacefully in this legendary city before we head back to the hotel.


Overnight stay in Jerusalem.

Day 7: Jerusalem

After breakfast, start off the day with an educational trip to Israel Museum, the largest and most sophisticated art and archaeology museum nationwide and one of the leading ones worldwide. Among the collections, the valuable Dead Sea Scrolls are eye-catching as these are the oldest Biblical manuscripts in the world found in caves near the Dead Sea by accident in the year of 1947. A quick photo stop for the Big Menorah in front of the Knesset followed by a visit to Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum, a world-famous place established in memory of the Jewish victims during World War II.

Drive back from the new district and walk up on the Mount Zion, the other holy mountain in town. Drop by two renowned sites close to each other, Cenacle, the site of the Last Supper of Jesus together with his 12 disciples, and King David’s Tomb. David was the 2nd emperor of Israel Kingdom and also a poet and a musician. His exceptional capability to unify the country and handsome figure have earned fame for him far and wide. Continue to the Church of St Peter in Gallicantu where Jesus was detained and Peter came to inquire information but denied his relationship with Jesus three times. Do not miss out the exquisite mosaic mural paintings and the intricately carved statue of reclining Mary made from ivory and walnut wood in the Church Monastery of the Dormition. Your last highlight today is strolling in the century-old Mahane Yehuda Market which is a big, covered, busy and noisy marketplace featuring food, drinks, daily necessities, garments, house wares and gifts for locals and tourists.


Overnight stay in Jerusalem.

Day 8: Jerusalem

Today is free for you to plan your sightseeing or shopping in Jerusalem on your own or join us for a day trip of “Never let Masada fall” by the Dead Sea with cable car ride and lunch included.

 Optional Tour: Epic Masada by Dead Sea excursion with lunch at U$109/person

Hop on our bus and drive to the southern Judean Desert where the UNESCO  World Heritage Site Masada is located atop a massive and flat plateau, a perfect lookout over the Dead Sea. First constructed as the Roman style summer palace for King Herod in about 30 BC, the strategically located complex was conquered and converted by Jewish zealots to be their last stronghold in 68 AD during the Great Revolt against Roman regime. In 73 AD, the Romans besieged the hilltop and broke through the defenses and right before they took over the garrison, 960 Jewish rebels living in the camp chose to kill themselves rather than fall into the hands of the Romans alive. The determination and martyrdom of these heroic patriots in the face of powerful invaders have touched and encouraged Jewish descendant generations by generations until today.

Take the cable car up and reach the high, rocky mesa about 1476ft/450m above and marvel at the ruins of this age-old fortress which was untouched for 1300 years and rediscovered in 1828. You can still see the remains of some surrounding Roman camps, siegeworks and a ramp on a slope of the western side made of earth and wooden supporters for attacking the fort. The northern palace set on three rock terraces with opulent architectural design as well as the bath house decorated with colorful mosaic flooring, precious murals, wall embossments are the most impressive archeological relics. Storage rooms, watch towers, synagogue, rainwater collecting device, theater and even tomb stones are all well preserved.

Embark on our bus to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on land of the earth and also one of the saltiest lakes on the planet. The unique lake is 1390ft/424m below the sea level and the salinity content of water here is about averagely 8.7 times higher than that of ocean. Travel to the site of Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were first found by a sheepherder.

Overnight stay in Jerusalem.

Day 9: Jerusalem (Israel) - Dead Sea (Jordan)

Today you are going to bid farewell to Israel and touch down on Jordan ground by going through the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge Crossing. Upon arrival, your Jordan guide will meet up with you and take the group to Mount Nebo which is believed to be the holy mountain where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land-Canaan before his death. This is also the summit where you could view the Serpentine Cross Sculpture and overlook the Dead Sea, Jordan River Valley, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Next is Madaba, the City of Mosaic”, where a complete vibrantly colorful 6th-century mosaic map of the Holy Land was found on the floor in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. Head to Dead Sea. 


Check in the hotel for a free afternoon. You may choose to float yourself on the fabled Dead Sea or enjoy a special Dead Sea mud spa to relax.

Remarks: If you wish to swim in the buoyant Dead Sea, please note the followings

  1. 1. Hotel provides storage bin if available and you may need to prepare deposit in local currency for using it.
  2. 2. Hotel may offer bath towel and bath robe for rent.
  3. 3. Not recommended to float in the Dead Sea for over 30 minutes each time due to the high concentration of salt. Avoid lake water splashing into eyes or mouth.

Day 10: Dead Sea - Petra

Board our bus for the journey to Petra. Make two stops on the way, first is a photo stop at Wadi Mujib, a captivating and tranquil natural reserve, and second brief stop is Shobak Castle, an eminent Crusader fortification which was built in 1115 AD. The location of this castle was of vital importance as it was on the main artery between Egypt and Syria, a strategic spot to tax the traders and pilgrims at that time.

Arrive at the UNESCO  listed Petra, the “Rose Red City” and one of the “New Seven World Wonders”, a busy and thriving city on the trade route about 2600 years ago declined as the trade activities on the Red Sea were emerging and blooming. Petra was far away from any cities distance wise so it was found abandoned and empty when the Arabs seized the area in the 7th century AD. When the Swiss rediscovered this quiet but amazing place in 1812, they were shocked by the grandeur and magnificence of these whole massive constructions but they found no words or documents recording its splendid history. Carved into sheer rosy stones, this awesome area is also called “Rose City” and you could find about 700 ancient tombs scattered around the entire region. The 131ft/40m tall, 2000 years old and breath-taking AL Khazneh has been chosen to be the filming location for many popular American movies. The Siq is a snaky narrow path in the colorful sandstone valley between the high cliffs where you could still see the tombs, water dams, shrines and terraces for putting candles. 


  1. 1. Please wear comfortable walking shoes today.
  2. 2. Bring enough bottle water with you as the weather is usually very dry at this area.


Check in the hotel at Petra and rest up after a full scheduled day.

Day 11: Petra

Today is free for you to enjoy Petra on your own for a more in-depth exploration or you may join our optional day tour to Little Petra and Wadi Rum with tent lunch and special dinner all covered. 

 Optional Tour: Journey to Wadi Rum and Little Petra with lunch and dinner U$129/person

The UNESCO  listed Wadi Rum, used to be the ocean bed tens of thousands of years ago, lies about 60 mi/100km south of Petra. This area, also called the surface most similar to the moon, is known as the “Valley of Moon”. In Arabic language, Wadi Rum means “Valley of Red Wine” since the sand dunes is mostly in cherry red color which have attracted many film crews to have come and produced world prestigious movies such as “Transformers”, “Star Wars”,” Aladdin”,” The Martian”, “Lawrence of Arabia”. Ride in a 4X4 jeep to Rum Village, Lawrence House, Khazali Canyon, Burdah Rock Bridge, Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Bedouin Camp. The surreal desert terrain, centuries-old rock paintings, traditional life style of Bedouins will all be part of your memories for long. Taste the Bedouin delicacy for lunch and learn how they have lived in the desert for thousands of years.
On the way back to the hotel. Get off the bus at Little Petra miniature of the big one, for a sunset photo opportunity. Being the suburb of the Nabatean capital Petra, the Little Petra was served as a staging post on the ancient Silk Road about 2000 years ago.

Stay overnight in Petra.

Day 12: Petra - Amman

Welcome to Amman after a scenic bus ride (140mi/230km), capital city of Jordan.

Berbers, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, Turks, Jews, Assyrians, Egyptians, Canaanites have all left their markings and influences in this historical place which make the whole city a “world history museum”. 

Enjoy your free afternoon to explore the ancient Amman or you are invited to join our optional tour to Jerash with Jordan local flavor lunch.  

 Optional Tour: Trip to Jerash and Ajlun Castle with lunch U$129/person

Spend some time at Ajlun Castle, atop Mt Auf, which is one of the few Muslim fortresses left from ancient times built on the site of a Byzantine monastery and named after a Christian monk. Archaeological excavations indicate that the castle was destroyed and refurbished many times in the early history and finally enlarged in 1184 A.D. to limit expansion of the Crusaders and to defend the local iron mines. Continue on to Jerash.

Nicknamed “Pompeii of the Middle East”, Jerash is the best-preserved Roman city all over Jordan and it is on the UNESCO list which is an unavoidable archeological site on the bucket list. The Roman theater, Colonnaded Street, Nymphaeum, Hippodrome, Oval Plaza and Temple of Zeus were well designed and built about 2000 years ago but all buried underground after a severe earthquake. The ruins were first found in 1806 and started to be unearthed in 1920. Thousand’s year-old Arch of Hadrian is still remaining erected as if it were welcoming travelers from home and abroad.

Overnight in Amman.

Day 13: Amman

Morning agenda is the Citadel of Amman atop one of the seven hills. As the highest point, here is a perfect spot overlooking this ancient” White City” with the World’s Largest Jordan Flag and its tallest flag pole.  Built for the royal family in 720 AD, Umayyad Palace together with Temple of Hercules, Byzantine church, Clock Tower and water supply facilities was functioned as a hilltop capital for Umayyad Caliphate. Visit the Onsite History Museum. Step in the King Abdullah Mosque, the largest of such in town, capable of holding as many as 10,000 people worshipping at the same time. The extravagant blue mosaic dome has been the distinct city symbol for quite a number of years. Move on to the Roman Amphitheater, the largest of its kind in Jordan, big enough for hosting 6000 people right at the foot of the Castle Hill and next to Hashemite Square. Follow us to the Rainbow Street in the old town to soak up some Arabian atmosphere in this old city.

Remarks: Please follow below rules when entering into King Abdullah Mosque: 

  1. 1. Long pants and long sleeves for male visitors. Long robes with hair cover for ladies. No slippers are allowed.
  2. 2. Do NOT wear a cross-shaped jewelry inside.
  3. 3. Taking pictures inside is permitted.


Overnight in Amman.

Day 14: Depart from Jordan

After breakfast, transfer to the airport and board the flight back to your home (transfer is not included if you booked the land only package).

*Please note: Depending on the air scheduling and availability, your flight back to USA/Canada may depart in very early morning the next day (00:00 am-03: 00 am).

For your final day, you may explore the city on your own and transfer to the airport in the evening. Hotel check-out is before noontime. (Late check-out may be available for a fee subject to the hotel policy).

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7. Departure Tax: there is a land crossing departure tax of about 180ILS per person (U$60) from Israel to Jordan imposed by border security and such fee must be paid in Israel currency locally

8. Jordan travel visa application fee

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 Day 5: Appreciate the Night Spectacular at Tower of David and try an Israel flavor dinner at U$99/person(min of 10 passengers/a surcharge is required if less than 10 participants)

 Day 8: Epic Masada by Dead Sea excursion with lunch at U$109/person(min of 10 passengers/a surcharge is required if less than 10 participants)

 Day 11: Journey to Wadi Rum and Little Petra with lunch and dinner U$129/person

 Day 12: Trip to Jerash and Ajlun Castle with lunch U$129/person

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Please contact us for details and pricing whenever you need 


Please contact us for details and pricing whenever you need 





REQUIRES a Visa for USA & CANADA passport holders. You must obtain a visa through either online or the Embassy before travelling. Visas are not issued upon arrival at the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge land border crossing.

* UTOvaction"s Jordon E-visa Service Option (Single entry, 60 days stay): U$159/person

Visit the "IATA Travel Centre" for detailed information on country-specific passport, visa and health requirements:


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☆ Tel Aviv:Ink Hotel or similar

☆ Haifa: Arabesque Arts & Residency or similar

 Tiberias: Lavi Kibbutz Hotel or similar

 Jerusalem: Ambassador Hotel or similar

 Dead Sea: Ramada Resort Hotel or similar

 Petra: Petra Stella Hotel or similar

 Amman: Toledo Amman Hotel or similar

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☆ Tel Aviv: Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center or similar

☆ Haifa: Dan Carmel Haifa or similar

 Tiberias: Sofia Hotel Sea of Galilee or similar

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 Dead sea: Holiday Inn Resort or similar

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