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US passport holder/ Multiple entries valid for up to 3 years: $320 USD
Canadian passport holder/ Single entry valid for up to 1 month: $270 CAD
Processing time: 25-30 business days after submission

Required Documents:

Process of Russia visa service

You are advised to apply for a visa three months before your intended date of entry into Russia.
Please upload the completed application form and your passport bio-data page to your online account. Our agent will prepare the supporting documents and email you the address details after we review your information.
Mail your documents to our local processing office based on your residence.

Please note: If you formerly had Soviet or Russian citizenship, or were born on the territory of the former USSR before February 6, 1992, then at least one of the following documents must be submitted along with your visa application:
A copy of passport of an independent state - former USSR republic.
Copy of departure visa for permanent residence from the USSR dated before February 6, 1992.
A copy of the Canadian confirmation of permanent residenc y (IMM 52952) or Record of landing or Canadian Immigration Identification Record (IMM 1000), received in the airport on arrival, with the date of entry until February 6, 1992 .
A copy of the visa to Israel issued before February 6, 1992 .
Canadian citizenship card with the date of issue before February 6, 1992.
Document confirming the renouncement of Russian or citizenship of former USSR republic citizenship.

Terms and conditions for visa service

Please ensure you have valid passport and VISA to the Destination, passengers are responsible for all travel documents validity. Please ensure all registration information is correct and meet the tour requirements. Passengers should bring the valid passport and original documents when joining the tour. UTOvacation shall not suffer any loss or issue any refund if the information provided is NOT correct, such as date, flight, city, travel document or identity of participants.

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